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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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>> pooh. >> yes i think we proved a code of silence. >> now chicago must pay $850,000 in damages. our top story seen around the country tonight sean lewis is at the federal building. $850,000, a fair judgment in the words of this attorney tonight and while he did a share of the talking after
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the verdict was read obrisky herself had one thing to say. i would like to say thank-you to the lawyers and the jury and everybody that supported me. deep gratitude tonight from carolina moments after being awarded $850,000 in her civil case against the city of chicago and the ex cop and the aba take in 2007 a security camera caught a drunk off-duty abata beating carolina and she worked. it also found the city of chicago fostered a code of silence within the c p d to keep incidents like this quiet. we proved a code of silence at every level of the chicago police department from the patrolmen that walked in the door into the 25th district,
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into the superintendent's office into i e t rate up to the desk of dick kirby yes we proved it was within the chicago police department. his attorney tonight disappointed in the verdict. i think there is a certain sense that he made this mistake for the world to see and he is going to live watching it over and over again. while attorneys for the city would not comment on camera the city did release the statement reading in part: the only way you're going to see change in the chicago police department is if the mayor dick takesdictates it, no comment from
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the mayor's office tonight. the city is also on the hook for her attorneys' fees which rate now are north of $2 million. with the verdict today he offered this one small statement that when this trial began he offered to settle the case with the city for $400,000 at the time the city said, no deal. that is the latest year. >> the devil is money. out of the mayo clinic about facing new pressure today congressman jesse jackson jr. being investigated for possibly misusing campaign cash. jesse jackson jr. has left the mayo clinic but he does remain in minnesota at this
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hour and tea is there for an outpatient treatment only there with his parents however his wife is here in the south shore neighborhood, one tonight facing scrutiny herself because the wall street journal is reporting that the feds are after her as well. perhaps putting the squeeze on the congressman's wife to make her case. of course it's incredibly effective, it does not make right in my opinion. this ex gov afraid that his own wife may end up in jail if his own wife did not cooperate with the federal government the wall street journal reports that it's happening to sandy jackson the congressman's wife to. o. >> they did nothing but spread her name in the mud the character down flights of stairs as far as representation is concerned and she did nothing but love her husband public reports say that sandy jackson was complicity in the alleged misuse of the campaign funds and
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now she could be in trouble with a lot the allegation is that jesse jackson jr. used campaign cash to buy furniture for their washington d.c. home and of using political money to pay for it watch for his mistress it would appear that the jackson marriages being tested yet again. you really never want to play on somebody's love for somebody else, to make them do something that they otherwise wouldn't do. even though you want their cooperation. it's a powerful tool and the feds are not afraid to use it today that meier shares little about the scandal that is all the talk around town he like others is waiting for the full story. today sandy jackson avoided city hall her husband remains with
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his parents in minnesota and as an outpatient only at the mayo clinic. when you are looking at your spouse or people in your family, that seems to be the government's m zero..o. other spouse's significant others connected to political corruption scandals in the past no indictment today and no comment from either in the jackson camp tonight. word that investigators may be branching out to include the congressman's wife. patty and rod blagojevich thanks for coming in. welcome let's talk a little bit about the sudden heat that appears to be coming on mrs.
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jackson. why did this happen? my guess in this case is i guess the negotiations was to have been on going fairly well i'm guessing they went into a snag some wear and this gives an opportunity to put a little more pressure on congressman jackson to maybe jump-start these negotiations whatever is holding it up this will give it a new start. talk about your case the pressure was on on dreyfuss how does that affect her? i always say do what you want to me, indict me but as far as going after family and loved ones, it puts you in a very difficult position she was great about it but we talked there were two young children involved so it wasn't just andria and die and i
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just could not let it happen i got were for my attorney that seven years in prison the only one who would be doing it was me so it didn't take a lot i wasn't happy the way broderick but you have to protect your loved ones. that was a point where you finally literally used the word uncle. i looked at my attorney and i said tell them they win all gold. i am not going to put her at risk. >> we hear about this every single day if this purview you would handle it differently right? yes this is obviously a tough time for him any time you are under indictment and scrutiny it's very difficult. but i always said it's really a mental game you have to prepare yourself for the worst and deal with this upfront and you have to have the right mindset because this will probably be
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tougher for him down the road and you have to be mentally prepared and deal with the best way that you can i'm not sure he's doing that very well at this point. how would you be coaching him right now to handle the media and his constituents. from day one you have to face the music running and hiding in any fashion the reality is, running from the press and denying into hiding is just not the way to do it, face it, step up to the mike, answer everybody's questions it doesn't go away but it does appease the frenzy that is out there and hiding this is no answer at all. former comptroller dixon plans to plead guilty to marta fraud charges the u.s. attorney charged her with siphoning more than $53
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million she will change her plea to guilty at the federal courthouse in rockford prosecutors say that he sold them millions over two decades to pay for her lavish lifestyle in a national horse operation one involving luxury motor home which he bought was auctioned earlier this year for millions. next come the people were affected and what the city's board of elections is doing now. and the man who replaced the former cia director in afghanistan now in snared in his own scandal. good news, we're going to warm up as the week goes on but it will be very very gradual.
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the chicago board of elections confirming this sensitive personal information of what they're saying 2000 registered voters expose on its web site however a computer security firm claims that more than 1 million and a half voters were exposed on the election website.
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that computer security firm is saying that 1.7 million registered voters information was exposed on the chicago board of elections website however the board of elections is just not in agreement with that number but it does confirm that the personal information of 2000 registered voters were in fact exposed names addresses driver's license numbers and dates of birth and even the last four digits of security numbers. still a lot of questions to be answered in this situation included the names and addresses of 1.7 million registered voters but sensitive information like dates of birth and social were not included in
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that file he found more than 16,000 files in all each of them filled with an overwhelming amount of data and he says it's really still unclear if any of those finals included sensitive info because he still has not had time to look for all of the files. some 2500 high-school students who applied, the board of elections need to thoroughly investigate whether any of this information has been compromised. when they thought that there was a problem a week ago, what happened to they bring in a third party to audit? we don't know what happened. there is no evidence at this point to suggest that any packers got into the site we did contact the
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board of elections today i was told the files were removed from the website within 15 minutes of them being notified of the security breach but now that have to turn over all of the files to the fbi for an investigation. the shooting death of a 16 year-old girl on the south side is still a mystery with no suspects in custody. she died around 1030. she said that she didn't want to be out late into left in a car with friends. when you think about going home from work and taylor and i will do this and i will do this with taylor, and i will not be able to do that anymore. a witness to the shooting said the gunman was among a group of people in black
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cuddy's, they shot at the car as it was going over a speed bump, she was a sophomore at morgan parcae school. jordan broke a leg and he was the vice president and the rogers park chamber of commerce and a husband ofand father of three friends cannot believe it. >> he was the best friend that many of us ever had. and he was a great asset to our community. police are looking for a dark blue volkswagen bug with illinois plates. first it was the director of the cia admitting to an affair and now
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this season, give craftsman tools from sears. like the new bolt on system with 9 performance, interchangeable heads... ... and make more, for less. craftsman. guys' favorites guaranteed. find it at sears. >> a scandal on the former cia director and now the one that replaced him in afghanistan. in simple terms this is a story about a former top general whose successor john allen and two
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women and family friend jill kellie unraveling the complication betweenrelation between them is complicated. >> i am puzzled by much of what has occurred. he admitted to an affair that came to life when the fbi investigated what were described as a jealous e-mail's now general allen is under investigation for allegedly sending kelly's e-mail messages that one described as flirtatious, there is cowering 20-30 pages of documents. it really makes you wonder how he would even have the time to do it and the motivation to do that from afar. the news about allen which president obama large about the same day that david petraeus and, allen denies any
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wrongdoing and remains on duty in afghanistan. we will continue to have that confidence. a defense official tells us there's a distinct possibility that the defense department is connected to him and the fbi investigation. fbi agents removed property from rockwell's north carolina home on monday. >> she is cooperating which is a good idea the answer it may show of national security was threatened by personal choices. public and private sector leaders all descending on the white house this week looking for ways to turn around the economy and avoid the impending fiscal cliff they are sharing their opinions and to market its the other side fortune 500 chief executive the week will wrap up on friday when congressional leaders make the trip down to
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pennsylvania and. it reduced push for a self suburban casino, next was several power brokers are betting on country club hills. and a thief decides as stealing a delivery part just isn't enough and that proves to be the wrong move.
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the dangers of the flu during pregnancy have long-lasting effects on children, pregnant women who have the flow or prolonged favre have a higher risk of having an autistic child. 53 percent more than those who stay healthy through pregnancy. it's they also found
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that mothers who were on antibiotics during pregnancy also had a high threat. it stressed during pregnancy also impacts kids children are more likely to be bullied at school if their mothers were severely stressed during pregnancy off both during and right after birth it affects a child's distress response and impacts behavior in the motion overdosing in the hospital the chances you will get too much pain killer are greater two boston hospitals reached one conclusion one in every 15 patients gets more than the maximum daily recommendation of acetaminophen at least once during their hospital stay the daily limit is to reduce the chance for liver damage, it's found in tylenol and stronger narcotics like per cassette and fight again those surgical and intensive care units were the greatest victims of acetaminophen overdose.
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>> this was one for the books today. look at this into this is a clue on why this was one for the books today. not a cloud in the sky. the reason it was one for the books is because we have 100 percent of possible sunshine. we do have some clouds on the way and this is not all bad news. and we get a pretty good high and midlevel cloud day that will increase overnight. you see we're up to 140 in the
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afternoon. here is rush-hour right there. so it clear amount of cloud cover on the way tomorrow but temperatures will start inching higher. this is not going to be a rapid return to warmth. a little warmth will not be a bad deal at all. it was 21 at waukegan. and the highs only made it into the 30's. pretty cool to be short. 26 at griffiths india not
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already. beautiful weather in buffalo grove today. this is the map that gives us some insight into where we are going. look how much of this map is orange indicating that the cold there is loosening its grip on united states weather. all of this single digits duff is kind of retreating back into canada. it is 19 in north dakota. they concede the 35 degrees at midway. 30 percent of the
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country covered by snow no one of the reasons why we are getting cold. this is encouraging to major jet streams not weighty and not tapping arctic air so that is good news things start getting interesting there is one storm that is going to go off the coast but that is not the main event. frost and freeze warnings
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in effect down south. look at the growth of this wind is blowing right in towards the east coast once again this model takes it up into curves and in this mammoth low absorbs it in our area and turned our wins in northerly for thanksgiving day. there could be a lot of news coming in with that a blocking pattern is in place a north of this storm that does not really affect the coast line again. lots can happen but it's certainly an unprecedented shot at a major storm pretty amazing
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stuff increasing cloudiness and chile tonight. 28 is the official reading at o'hare. and on thursday mostly cloudy. she is a very meteorological reminded anchor. minded anchor. still to come and a renewed plan to build a casino on chicago's south suburbs. ale announcer donut. chips,
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ask your healthcare provider about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, such as body rash trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. with flexpen®... say good night to vial and syringe. ask your doctor about levemir® flexpen®. covered by 90% of insurance plans including medicare. find your co-pay at big-time casino operator ready to build a new casino resort and hotel complex in a country club mills and we have details on that plan and potential benefits for a town that has otherwise been on the wrong side of headlines. the proposed casino site is near the intersection of
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i 57 and i 80 a busy traffic corridor handling 90 million motorists per year some of those travelers headed out of state to casinos in indiana and iowa. >> we just want everybody to know that our partnership is ready to proceed that we can proceed, we have control over the land, the finances, and we have the experience. >> the resource sees an opportunity which is why the national and world wide casino operator is pledging $250 million to build a new casino at country club hills but community leaders see the jobs that the casino will bring with a stronger tax base for schools and roads. we have to win this license. it's our term there is no question about it. there is
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no excuse why this shouldn't be the epicenter for job growth and job creation. community leaders lining up behind the proposal to build the casino and hotel but none of it would be possible they say without chicago and southland businessman to lafayette and his wife marguerite donating the land to the project becoming partners in the casino development. that's what it's all about, creating jobs. we are looking forward to proceeding one resident we talk
9:41 pm
to believes that the issue should be placed on a referendum to give the people of country club hills a voice in the process. right now we need to slow down a minute and get everything fixed in together before we move on to something else. and half of the residents don't even know what is going on. it will be an issue that will be debated for weeks to come it's not clear exactly what they will do they could make a run at a gambling expansion bill before the year is over. whatever the final approach folks at country club hills say they deserve to have a casino in their community. how a delivery driver helped police captured a man who stole his car. and drew
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proclaiming his innocence today saying he did not kill his neighbor gregory false. they believe the man who founded the software by the same name suspected a shooting fall after he allegedly poisoned his dog he says that he believed police police killed the paper.belize les killed the neighbor. >> there is a movement underway from macy's department store to sever ties with donald trump a
9:46 pm
half a million people signed an on-line petition that claims the businessmen's complaint about china luring away american jobs are hypocritical, because most of the products manufacturedat macy's are manufactured in asia. the obamas get new neighbors a vacant lot is located at 5050 south green would and it's located within the hyde park just two and a half years ago the home on the north side of the obama's also sold for a little over $1 million. it is going to warm up a little bit 77 percent of our days this
9:47 pm
month have been below normal. clouds will be increasing tonight. then it breaks a little bit tomorrow night here is a 10 day temperature forecasts. you can see how they stay safely at bay. winds will start blowing in
9:48 pm
from the east into saturday sunday and monday. the average lake michigan water temperature now is down in the 40's. >> from the stupid crook file, a thief steals a delivery drivers card and gets caught making the delivery. from eight delivery at west hartford conn. the clyde wasn't satisfied with just a swiping the card he decided to deliver the orders to pocket the
9:49 pm
cash so the real delivery guy was able to follow them until the suspect was caught. that made things easy, that morning the driver said he first thought his brother had pulled a prank on him. coming up the bears bring in an extra hour with jake colors availability. the irish look to improve ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet but they're gonna fall in love get married have a couple
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nest. and now it's just a nest full of laundry. lucky underwear. we were going through so much of that bargain detergent... and the clothes didn't look as good. but since we switched to tide, we use much less. their clothes are looking much more...uh... what's the word? clean? employable. [ female announcer ] one cap of tide gives you more cleaning power than 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ mom ] that's my tide what's yours? without hockey in the middle of the week, college hoops is back. the first night of the long basketball season looking to change its postseason luck if tonight is any indication. a pretty weak opponent in and they took
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advantage. he took ownership tonight. drew made his first eight shots from the field he went by the 1300 points last october for his career. and killed abraham said could not miss. much earlier today the 24 hour marathon, some were drowsy at 7:00 this morning, none were wearing a uniform. no. falls to 0 and 2. it's only five games and the last one is at milwaukee. heinrich availability
9:54 pm
is still unknown. tom thibodaux was happy with at least one of his replacements, 19 year-old rookie marcus was pretty good against romney and co. in his first extended minutes in the nba. >> i just tried to learn from kurt and neat. and try to pick up from them. >> he is a good shooter. i am trying to step back. and think what would be like if i was 19 and i was up here. the bears picked up some quarterback insurance today. josh mckellen is back and he was not horrible
9:55 pm
that he backs up jason campbell if color is not available next on the irish hit list is wake forest when of to obstacle standing between notre dame in their 12 and zero season. brian kelly voted his team number-one he was the only one who did. >> very high, i believe they will win every game. there is no doubt that i believe that no matter what the situation during the game if you just keep playing and he just keep riding it out we will find a way to win. a massive trade is about to
9:56 pm
happen and this is the dictionary definition of a salary and there would not be surprised if the commissioner is set on this one. what did they go from 15 million-108 million? they should be good next year. but miami is terrible. the quarterback also made a concussion? how long do they
9:57 pm
usually take off before they go back? >> you never know, somebody said 7-10 days but everybody is so different when it comes to these injuries you really cannot say. that is the news for this tuesday night we are happy you shared your time with us. we will see you tomorrow.
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